Town Ordinances, Permits, & Forms


Comprehensive Plan (Adopted December 15, 2005) (4Mb 1-2 minute download)



Building Construction Ordinance (Approved July 19, 2018)

Driveway Ordinance (Approved August 20, 2011)

Fire Ordinance (Effective August 19, 2021)

Provisional Retail License Ordinance 2020_1

Provisional Operators License Ordinance 2020_2

Road Ordinance (Approved November 1, 2010)

ATV_UTV Ordinance_#2022-1

ATV_UTV ORDINANCE NOTE: Although the Town of Monroe board has approved this Ordinance, and the proper authorities have been notified, township roads are NOT to be ridden on until signage is installed.  Also, County roads are still not posted, so cannot utilize those yet either.  It is the ATV / UTV operator’s responsibility to know which roads are legal to ride on and follow the proper signage.

Also, this ordinance will be reviewed in March of 2023, to see how well residents are obeying the wording and signage.